Yemaya incantation

Yemaya incantation

Search this site. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Who and what is IFA? Orisa Oko. Spiritual Forces and Praise names. Formation of the earth. The Marriage of Earth and Water. Yembo and Oddua. First child -Argayu Shola. The second child - Oggun.

The Fourth child- Ozun. Fifth child - Eleggua. Seventh child- DADA first female. The eigth child - Oba Nani. Ninth child- Oya. Beginning of daily life. Oggun and his abuses. Eleggua must tell the truth always. The Transition to Obatala. Obatala sees the truth.

Transition to Yemaya. Obatala fears for his daughters. The eleventh child the phenomenon.Sunday, December 30, Check out books about Oshun and the Orisha. Labels: altarsbooksobatalaofferingsOfferings for oshunoriorishaoshunpatakis. Tuesday, October 26, Offering for Oshun. I was recently asked about what kind of offering would I give if I was low on money. Here is my response below. I would recommend getting the pumpkin and skipping the candle if money is the issue. Get 1 brass bell.

yemaya incantation

Get a gold or yellow bowl large enough to put the pumpkin calabaza in. Spread the cloth somewhere nice. Put it on a table in your home and place the bowl with the pumpkin on top.

Pour 5 drops of honey onto the calabaza. Give it its own space. Make it sacred! You can get a nice vase with yellow flowers and put near it too if you like. There is a prayer you can use on the site or you can make up your own. Ring the bell as you pray.

Let the calabaza stay there until it begins to disintegrate then throw it outside in the trash. You can do this when you feel the need. Feel free to ask if you need more clarity. Hope it helps! Yours does not need to be elaborate. It should however be sincere. Labels: helpOfferings for oshunprayersspells.

Prayer for Oshun. Oshun who is full of understanding, O wa yanrin wayanrin kowo si Who digs sand and buries money there.In this piece, Aunt Esther, a fiery year-old matriarch, welcomes into her Hill District home Solly Two Kings, who was born into slavery and scouted for the Union Army, and Citizen Barlow, a young man from Alabama searching for a new life. Her numerical vibration is 7. Her metal is silver. Her foods include watermelon, corn meal, and molasses.

Sea salt is her spice. Her favored day is Saturday. Just as the Christian philosophies in Gem of the Ocean are voiced while the Yoruba references are coded, many Yoruba practitioners in the Americas resisted the imposition of Christianity by cleverly masking their spirituality within Christian rituals.

While originating in southwestern Nigeria, Yoruba spiritual practices have moved throughout the African diaspora with particular prominence in Cuba, Trinidad, Brazil, and the United States. She can be a generous healer, a fierce warrior, and a salty companion with a sharp tongue.

Just as the ocean holds the earth in place, Yemaya takes care of her community. News News See all. Applications for the Writers Alliance Grants September 27, Playwrights See all. Playwright Interview: Jiehae Park November 8, Playwright Interview: Adam Szymkowicz September 21, Playwright Interview: Gracie Gardner September 6, Titles See all. Productions See all.

Spirituality in GEM OF THE OCEAN

New Year, New Reads December 21, Media See all. Samuel French Intern Takeover! May 11, Trending Now Week Month. Productions 0 Comments 0 3 min read.If you are at a time in your life where getting pregnant is all you want and you have tried several unsuccessful means to get a baby, I will show you some spells to cast in order to conceive a baby.

It has worked for many people and would work for you too. In the Yoruba tradition, Oshun is the goddess of love, marriage, fertility and gold. She is considered to be the Aphrodite of Cuba and Africa who lives in the waters. Oshun is invoked by couples experiencing issues with child bearing.

During your most fertile time usually 2 days before, during and after ovulationlight 9 white candles in your bedroom. Put them around your bed. Sit or stand naked with your partner facing north and repeat the following:. Turn east, then south, then west, repeating this incantation every time you make a turn. Afterwards, you can have sex and believe you would conceive.

Repeat this spell for 5 nights before intercourse. This spell works through effective and associative magic. The egg and green color of pen represent fertility. While you are trying to conceive you can wear a pregnancy bracelet or Yemaya necklace to attract positive energy. Also, place a Rose of Jericho plant in a bowl of water in your house then sprinkle the water around your house.

It helps to remove negative influences and serves as a symbol of fertility. Rose quartz, fluorite, moonstone, aventurine are fertility crystals that can be worn during the most fertile part of your cycle while calling out to the goddesses of fertility to grant the desires of your heart. Orisha Yemaya is the goddess of the ocean who gives life and support to her worshippers.

This mother of the sea works together with Oshun. When you call upon Oshun for a child, she will get you pregnant but at some point in a pregnancy, Yemaya will take over. Children given by these goddesses are often beautiful and attractive.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? First name.She is the mother of all living things and the owner of all waters.

She is the mother of all living things, rules over motherhood and owns all the waters of the Earth. She gave birth to the stars, the moon, the sun and most of the orishas. Yemaya makes her residence in life-giving portion of the ocean although some of her roads can be found in lagoons or lakes in the forest. Yemaya is just as much a loving mother orisha as she is a fierce warrior that kills anyone who threatens her children.

Contrary to popular belief she is not just a loving mother. Other roads are masterful diviners that have been through marriage, divorce and back again. Some roads of Yemaya have been rape survivors, while other roads betrayed her sisters out of jealousy and spite.

No matter what camino of Yemaya, all are powerful female orishas and fiercely protective mothers.

yemaya incantation

Yemaya and Oshun relate to one another like typical sisters; they love each other and also have a bit of sibling rivalry. Chango and Yemaya are inseparable. The two of them eat together and Chango shares his wealth with Yemaya. Yemaya helped mold Chango into the wise leader he was meant to be from birth although he initially lacked the skill to rule with grace.

Prayers, Altars and Offerings for Oshun

She is one of the four pillars of the Santeria religion along with ObatalaOshun and Chango. Therefore every initiated olorisha will receive her pot with her mysteries at his kariocha initiation. An eleke for Yemaya Agana, distinguished by the use of royal blue, clear, green and coral beads. Each road has a slightly different temperament and is found in a different place in nature. Here is but a sampling of her caminos. She lives in the sea foam where the waves crash on the shore.

Her color is sky blue. She is a mighty diviner that learned how to read the composite odu by watching her husband when he divined. Her color is turquoise or medium blue.

She lives in the lakes and springs in the forest. She is a mighty warrior that fights with a machete, and enjoys rum and cigars. Her color is cobalt blue. She was also married to Orisha Oko.

Oshun Meditation Music ( Warning Extremely Powerful )

She brings rain. Her color is royal blue. She wears seven different colors and owns the colors of the world which she keeps in a calabash around her waist.

She lives in a basket surrounded by plates and her color is aqua. She wears pants and kills her enemies with a scimitar or daggers. She lives in the red tide that is dyed with the blood of her enemies she has murdered.

Her color is navy blue. She gave birth to all of the orishas and in many ways is the cosmic mother of all things.This piece caught my eye because there was a shape around the figure dug into the ground.

yemaya incantation

This was different from many of the others because in most of the other pieces the figure was not surrounded by anything. In this case, it is a hand. I read that this installation suggests the expression the desire for a return to the home and the need of the individual to reconnect itself with its lost origins, but I think I would need a lot more background information to come to those conclusions.

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Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Post a Comment. Love cannot be conjured or manipulated without eventually destroying it and yourself. What empowers any magical work is your intent and the blending of your intent with the forces you invoke. However, passion, infatuation, attraction and desire?

This spell invokes the Orisha Chango. But Chango is more complex because Chango not only is an elemental GOD but governs aspects of the human condition such as passion, sex, strategy, family, music, dance, infatuation, attraction, man and the quintessential masculine principle. Other key areas he governs are magic, lightening, sorcery, fire and their effects on mankind.

Another power he shares with all others of the African pantheons in Santeria, Voodoo and Palo Mayombe, is possession. Those who practice these magical systems are often possessed by these gods during celebrations and ceremonies honoring them. They possess to partake of the festivities and be among their children imparting wisdom, lessons, healing and sharing their power.

Once having their fill, they leave and their bond with their children is renewed. They are the living embodiment of nature and can be both loving or cruel depending on their individual connection with their children. That's why formal respect is key. His color designation is red and white. A candle you can get a tall Catholic candle or use tea light candle and use one of them a day for 4 days. To begin any work with the Orishas, you first need to open the magical doors and roads to them.

The gate keeper and crossroad watcher is always to be called first in any work with th Orishas. Ellegua is first always. He is the immortal child of the Santeria pantheon. His function is similar to Mercury or Hermes the messenger of the gods but he is so much more. He is the divine and eternal Prince of the Universe. He is wise and deep much as he is a child and prone to capricious actions and tantrums if slighted.

He is God of luck, fortune so as a crossroads dirty, it's best to keep him happy. Face the east and Knock on the floor three times. Introduce yourself to him and tell him what your doing and why.

Ask for his help. Face the South, west and north and say this invocation to open the crossroads. You may want to offer him a lollipop or candy with 3 cents to garner his favor too!

Tell him what your doing and why. Tell him what results you need and why. How will the results benefit you, the person you are working on and the world. Also, what's in it for Chango? A candle, an Apple left in a park in a paper bag with 4 cents an offering from time to time is appreciated and balances the law of equal exchange. Something must be given if something is received. When you have finished the introduction and established a rapport with both Ellegua and Chango, rub each Apple over your entire body holding the image of the person you are doing the spell for in your mind.

Calling them with your mind, heart, spirit and will. Once you've done this proceed with coring the apples but keep the tops handy, you'll need them later. Write down the name of the person you are inciting passion and action from on four pieces of paper with a pencil. Place the four pieces of paper with the name in each Apple.

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