Ts100 stock firmware

Ts100 stock firmware

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ts100 stock firmware

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How to Upgrade ts100 firmware err 2020?

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If you run into issues with flashing the firmware this is usually down to issues in the DFU bootloader that comes with the iron. As this is closed source, there is nothing I can do to try and fix these issues. To start, hold the button closest to the tip, and plug in the USB to the computer.

The screen should read DFU followed by a version number. If it does not, you're not in the bootloader - unplug and start over. Upgrading on Windows works following the published Miniware guide.

Please note that you need to use the windows explorer for file copying. Using Teracopy, or other explorer replacements will make it fail. I just wanted to say that I was able to update the firmware on my ts from the stock version to 1. I simply followed the same steps however through Finder. While in past there were reports of unreliable upgrades, the consensus in issue 11 is that things work mostly as expected in Linux. If you want to do it manually or if the script does not work for some reason the general procedure is the same as for Windows, the differences are in the way to mount the unit and copy the firmware.

Remember that after flashing, the firmware filename will have changed to end in. RDY or. ERR or. NOT and only. RDY means the flashing was successful!

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Device will reboot and automount will rerun if not disabled. Check the extension of your firmware, it should be. RDY now.USB-C has its special Power Delivery standard, and is capable of delivering plenty of juice to attached hardware. This has led many to modify their TS soldering irons to accept the connector.

The firmware is rough and ready, and minimal work has been done on the GUI and temperature regulation. Files are on Github for those that wish to spin their own. The PCB is designed to snap neatly inside the original case for a nice fit and finish. Meanwhile, others have created adapters that plug in to the back of the iron. However, [Jan] is dictating his own terms by recreating the entire PCB.

Sometimes it pays to go your own way! Does the new board solve the earthing problem? All came with ungrounded power bricks. It is probably a cheat to pass conductive emission test as common mode current have no conductive path, so the needed components can be eliminated. The brick might have a Earth ground connection.

Adding USB-C To The TS100, But Not How You Think

Apple laptops can use 2 prongs adapters No ground, foldable, standardor a 3 prong with ground cord. The adapter has a C8 connector fig 8with contacts for ground in a rail.

ts100 stock firmware

If you plug the cord, it has a metal disc that slides inside the rail for ground. But is it not the same with a 3 prong charger which you cut the 3 contacts jacks and put a regular 2 contacts 2 jack in place? And most of the mini portable soldering irons suck. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

Learn more. Report comment. Impressive piece of work, but I like the barrel jack just fine. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search Search for:.November In this article, I introduce you the TS, a super handy and surprisingly powerful soldering iron. It is particularly suitable as a portable device for fast and easy repairs on the road.

Mehr erfahren. Video laden. YouTube immer entsperren. The TS soldering iron is available on the chinese platform Banggood. The TS soldering iron itself is very small and compact and fits, disassembled, easily into any jacket pocket. It can be operated with a voltage of V.

The higher the voltage, the more power the soldering iron has. With a 6S LiPo approx. The supplied soldering tip B2 is not too fine and not too thick. Thus, it is also suitable for making larger things, such as, for example, XT This makes the tip a true all-rounder. There are different soldering tips to buy. The TS can be operated quite intuitively. After the power plug is plugged in, simply press the front button.

The soldering iron regulates immediately to the set temperature. The temperature can be adjusted in 10 steps using the two knobs. If you place the soldering iron on the side, it automatically switches to the standby temperature after a defined time interval. The working temperature can be restored with a simple push-button pressure and can be further processed at the same time. This must have a 5.

You can easily go up to 22 V with the voltage, but you have to make sure that the soldering iron also brings more power.

How to Upgrade ts100 soldering iron firmware 2020?

According to this criterion you should choose your power supply:. To use the soldering iron also on the field for repairs, I have built an adapter with this cable and an XT60 plug. Also here it must be a 5. So I can use my regular flight battery as a power source. With this, it is possible to achieve the maximum power of 65 Watts even with a 3S LiPo.

To configure the soldering iron, it is simply connected to a computer. In this drive you will find a text file with which you can configure the soldering iron. A firmware update is made as follows:. It is very easy to create and set your own boot logo.This firmware is a fresh start for these soldering irons. Designed from the ground up as fully featured control software that leaves nothing to be desired.

It originally started back at the end of and has since seen vast improvements, especially some very smart work by community members. The firmware supports everything you would expect in the soldering iron and has the same features as the stock firmware with some nice extras packed in.

There is a comprehensive menu system in the iron that allows for adjustment of all the settings on the unit, and support for various languages is added by the community. On the TS there are settings to allow you to specify a cutoff voltage for different lithium-ion battery packs to protect your power source.

For the TS80 these are removed and replaced with the selection of 18W or 24W depending on what your QC power bank can support. Otherwise, both systems work very similar and should support all the features.

This project is considered feature complete for use as a soldering iron, so please suggest any feature improvements you would like! This is done through the onscreen menu only. Logos are edited using the tool or python script and uploaded in DFU mode. This is completely safe, but if it goes wrong just put the. Downloads for the hex files to flash are available on the releases page.

ts100 stock firmware

Officially the bootloader on the iron only works under Windows. However, users have reported that it does work under Mac, and can be made to work under Linux sometimes. Details over on the wiki page. For the more adventurous out there, you can also load this firmware onto the device using an SWD programmer. There is a complete device flash backup included in this repository.

Note this includes the bootloader, so will need an SWD programmer to load onto the unit. This firmware uses a different method of updating the bootup image. This removes the need for emulating a USB drive on the iron just to allow for a bootup image to be setup. There are further instructions on the wiki. Instructions are kept on the wiki so that users can update the information if they find extra helpful information. This new firmware uses a new menu system to allow access to the settings on the device.

When on the main screen, the unit shows prompts for the two most common operations. More details are over in the Menu information. Especially to the following users, who have helped in various ways that are massively appreciated:. Unless noted elsewhere. The FreeRToS is under its own licence. This software is provided as-is, so I cannot provide any commercial support for the firmware.

However, you are more than welcome to distribute links to the firmware, or provide irons with this software on them. Please do not re-host the files, but rather link to this page, so that there are no old versions of the firmware scattered around. If this firmware does make you money, it would be nice to receive a donation, however, there is no enforcement.Temperature-controlled soldering irons can be cheap, lightweight, and good.

The Miniware TS is a relatively inexpensive temperature-controlled soldering iron from China that has made a stealthy entry to the market, and which some online commentators claim to be the equal of far more expensive professional-grade irons. The iron arrived well-packaged in a smart cardboard container that was well up to the task of protecting it through international air mail. Nestled in foam were the iron handle, a single combined element and bit, and an envelope containing a short instruction leaflet and a click-seal bag with an Allen key and a spare screw to secure the bit.

There was no power supply, you supply your own 12 to 24 V DC to power it. At its rear is a barrel socket for the DC supply alongside a micro-USB socket for firmware and configuration, on its top are a small OLED display and a couple of buttons, and at its front is a receptacle for the element unit.

Meanwhile the element unit is about mm 3. Assembling the iron is simple enough, the element slots into the receptacle and an Allen screw is tightened to hold it in place. The whole assembled unit weighs 30 g, or a shade over an ounce, and has a balance point almost at its centre. We used a Maximum power is given as 65 W when supplied with 24 V, while minimum is 17 W with 12 V. In the hand, the iron is light and easy on the fingers.

On its own it is similar in weight and feel to holding a fountain pen, and it is easy to see where comparisons with more expensive irons from the likes of Weller come from. However the iron itself is not the whole story, because your choice of power supply and in particular its lead will make a huge difference to how it feels in practice.

The Weller will come fitted with an extra-flexible silicone lead probably designed to work at higher temperatures, by comparison the lead on a cheap power supply is likely to be a stiffer and cheaper affair. Setting the temperature is a simple case of using the buttons to move the temperature up and down on the OLED display, and once it remains at a particular temperature it stores that setting in its non-volatile memory.

To test the iron we assembled a little radio kit, a surface mount design intended for first-time surface mount solderers and thus using fairly substantial components and SOICs rather than SOPs or smaller integrated circuits.

Fortunately there is a large range of other bits of all shapes and sizes for the iron, including one with a finer point that surface-mount wizards may want to look at. One of the features of the TS is that its firmware can be easily upgraded over USB, and to that end it is easy to download the latest version and install it. Unfortunately, in our case the curse of the firmware upgrade struck us, and after downloading and unpacking the file we were unable to make our iron accept it.

Fortunately the TS is not one of those devices that is easily bricked by a failed firmware upgrade, so we were simply presented with an error file rather than a dead iron. We say billed as open-source though, because while the code is officially freely available it does not seem to be accompanied by any form of open-source licence. This may be of more concern to software libre purists than many readers, but still, it is worth mentioning. In the file you can find settings for the different temperatures and timings, and adjust them to your taste.

Is it a good iron, does it give those expensive irons a run for their money, and would we recommend that you consider one? If you spend a four-figure sum on a soldering station, you will find yourself with an iron that is lighter than the TS, it will have a shorter reach, a quicker warm-up time, better software control, more available bits, in fact it will beat the TS in every way possible.

Even having to spend a few more dollars on a power supply, a decent soldering station in this range will still cost you over twice as much as the TS Perhaps an all-in-one iron for a similar price such as the Antex TCS50 we reviewed earlier in the year is a better comparison, and at this point we start to see how the TS is redefining this sector.

The Antex is a good iron for everyday soldering, it is the same weight as the TS and has the same reach.

So if you are a high-end professional user looking for an iron to work with every day, the TS is probably not a choice that will displace your top-of-the-range model. But if you are a regular solderer or serious electronics hobbyist who is looking for the best bang for buck, you should definitely consider one as an alternative to a low-end soldering station. And if you are buying at the bottom of the temperature-controlled iron food chain then you should really give the TS a serious look.

Meanwhile if you manufacture soldering irons, this one will probably have you worried. We look forward to seeing what the models produced to compete with it have to offer. The Miniware TS soldering iron, along with associated bits and power supplies, can be found online from all the usual vendors of Chinese electronics.

Firmware update worked for me with Debian running Win10 in virtualbox. Just add the current user to some usb group and forward the usb device to the virtual WinThe Miniware TS is a hybrid design which sits between these two.

The iron itself is smaller than most fixed-temperature irons, but it hides all the functionality of a large control station inside its sleek housing. That reduction in size, though, does come at a definite cost.

Installing the tip — provided with a cone-type and chisel-type in the reviewed bundle — is quick and easy, using the bundled Allen key, and powering the iron on is a simple matter of plugging the bundled power supply into the end of the iron and a mains socket.

The solution is provided in the bundle: a grounding strap, which screws to a dedicated ground terminal at the end of the iron, should then be connected to a suitable ground, such as a mains grounding terminal adapter. An investigation of the micro USB connector reveals why you might want to put up with the flaws and foibles of the iron anyway: inserting it into any PC loads a selection of configuration files which can be edited and saved to change a variety of settings, including how long it takes for the iron to enter its clever power-saving sleep mode.

Some have already used the code to write new firmware with an improved user interface and better features; others have used it to change the iron into a completely different tool, from a Tetris-like handheld console to a fully functional, though basic, oscilloscope.

Those interested in picking up a TS of their own should know that Miniware has already designed and released its successor, the TS Featuring a range of improvements — but, sadly, the same smooth housing with no flaring to the front, still risking burnt fingers if you let it slip backwards — the more expensive TS80 is, an upgrade to the TS, but at the time of writing was available only for import from Chinese distributors, with no bundled power supply.

Its open-source firmware is also a fascinating concept, and one which flies in the face of many tool companies, which appear to go to great lengths to lock down their designs against third-party modification — typically as a way of selling identical hardware in entry-level and professional-grade guises, differentiated only by the features enabled in their firmware. Anyone who does pick up a TS is recommended to install the rewritten Ralim TS firmware, available at: github.

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TS100 Soldering Iron, Custom Firmware & soldering tricks!

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