Herbert schmidt serial numbers

Herbert schmidt serial numbers

Log in or Sign up. Oct 20, 1. Joined: Aug 21, Messages: I have a cowboy style 6 shot revolver. On the left side of the barrel it says Cal 22 LR HAWES with some sort of symbol with what appears to have an n underneath it where the barrel meets the frame. Serial png to icon the bottom of frame forward of the trigger guard. The first is the same as the symbol on the left side of barrel, the middle I can't make out and the last says Under the grip left side it says Herbert Schmidt.

The grips are black plastic with a buffalo on it. The back of the cylinder is worn down and I can see firing pin strikes between the holes. Some times the cylinder advances and sometimes it doesn't.

I need to know how to identify this revolver so I alcohol after botox try to find a replacement cylinder. Thanks for any help Rob. Robert RodriguezOct 20, Oct 20, 2.

Oct 20, 3. Thanks for the info jdmoody so are you saying if it is a Herbert Schmidt small frame it will take either cylinder. Oct 20, 4. The magnum cylinder should fit, you might try E-Mailing Numrich and ask. But it sounds like you are going to need more than a cylinder, you will also need a "cylinder hand " that little piece of metal that pushes the cylinder around so it lines up correctly each time you pull the trigger.

I don't know where you are located, here in the states or other, but heresince the firearm was a low cost item to start with it has minimum value, it is listed in poor condition at only 25 dollars, I wouldn't spend too much on repairing it. RJayOct 20, All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. What is value of herbert schmidt 22 LR serial? Wiki User Related Questions Asked in Firearms Who makes a 8 shot 22 cal pistol with a buffalo emblem made in Germany and a serial ?

Possibly Herbert Schmidt. Herbert Schmidt Company. Asked in Firearms Can you Provide information about a herbert schmidt 22 pistol model e15? Inexpensive, German made. Probably Herbert Schmidt. Asked in Firearms What is a single action Herbert Schmidt 22 mag revolver worth? Asked in Firearms 22 cal double action handgun by herbert schmidt made in Germany? Herbert Schmidt, made in West Germany- mainly s. Not a lot of records, low cost handguns of indifferent quality.

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Herbert Schmidt

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Herbert Schmidt Model 21S SA Revolver w Original Box 22 LR

Weston, CT; importer - reimports surplus U. Hackensack, NJ; mfd. A W C Systems Technology. Phoenix, AZ. Fox Sterlingworth. Double-barrel shotguns. Rummel Arms Co. Joseph Defourny. Not Iver Johnson. Sales Co. Not to be confused with Stoeger Arms. Armi Atis. AA Arms Corp. Model Hill, NC. AA Modelo Trademark of Aldazabal. Abiline Centennial.

Abiline Marshal.

herbert schmidt serial numbers

Accu-Match Intl. Mesa, AZ. Accuracy Intl. Hampshire, England; mfr. Chino, CA. Model of Colt. Acier Comprime.The Schmidt brothers started in their own living room, using a foot driven drilling machine, a mobile forge and some smaller tools. Four persons manufactured shotguns in 12, 16 and 20 gauge, as well as in. Slowly, this small team developed a small factory. But in a fire destroyed almost the whole production unit; it was then rebuilt quickly. About 90 per cent of the production was destined for export, mainly to the US and South Americaespecially Brazil.

Heritage Rough Rider 22LR / 22Mag Single Action Revolver

During WW IIthe Schmidts serviced, maintained and repaired the K 98 rifles of the German Wehrmacht as well as maintained spare parts of different weapons of all categories. InHerbert Schmidt got the license to produce starting pistols and blank-firers, which were then made in a rented location.

The first model was a single-shot alarm gun for yachting purposes. Inthe production hall was completed, and the model range had been increased, to include a double-action revolver in.

herbert schmidt serial numbers

The production of own cartridges began at the same time. Ina single-action revolver in the Western style, the, a and the S, were born; they were first made in. Many different versions of this revolver followed and appeared in. After Herbert Schmidt died inthe factory was run by his wife Christa and his son Wolfgang. Many different sorts of guns were in production at this time. Inthe company began to produce swords, knives and bayonetsas well as survival knives.

Inthe company introduced a single-action revolver, the " Texas Scout ", which was convertible from. A switchable firing pininterchangeable cylinder and an inlet barrel made this possible.

The gun was available in 3" and 4" version. Some more interesting guns then began to be made, and the "Texas Scout" also became available in. Herbert Schmidt then also made a double-action revolver, the "Buffalo Combo", a.

Some time in the late s, the company disappeared. It is estimated that rentability was no longer guaranteed, because of the immense costs of meeting the demands of the constantly changing German gun lawas well as of restrictions in gun exports.

Herbert Schmidt had been providing many manufacturers and gun exporters with parts and guns since the s, so that it is difficult to list all of them or research the whole production range. It seems that Schmidt had produced single-action revolvers since the early s and exported them to the United States post and pre WWII. All parts of the guns were made out of steel alloys, except for the frames, which were fashioned of a zinc - aluminium alloy.

They were sold in the US as inexpensive alternative branded revolvers, made of soft and inferior metals. These firearms are more a curious piece and should be fired only with standard velocity ammunition and with great caution.

Nowadays Herbert Schmidt guns are rare, spare parts almost do not exist, and their low price makes them uninteresting for collectors.Guys, need some help with IDing the manufacturer for a. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent pic, but he's had this gun for a good 40 years. I'll try and describe it. Has a loading gate on right hand side just like a Colt. Plastic grips with a buffalo on the left side grip at about thumb level.

No manufacturer listed on the barrel or breach strap. It desperately needs to be serviced. I think the timing is off based on the firing pin indentations on the cylinder surface and it makes some very strained sounds when th hammer is pulled back and the cylinder itself revolves I've told him not to shoot it Know the details are lean, but any help would be appreciated.

Are there ANY markings at all? There's not much beyond a serial number on the lower frame and maybe a ". There are no manufacturer's info on it, no additional stamps or anything like that.

Herbert Schmidt Ostheim

I just have no idea who, hence my posting here. If Italian. Sounds to me exactly like a Herbert Schmidt, imported from West Germany. Look for an "N" stamp and two shields stamped onto the frame, and a "Germany" or "West Germany" stamp under the barrel. The year of manufacture should also be stamped as a two-digit, e. Thanks Bravo. That sounds about right. I'd have to check the serial too, to be sure of born-on date, but he's had it for as long as I can remember and that's been at least 40 years.

S'pose there are parts available for it if it needs them??? Parts may be obtainable from Numerich, which is now called gunparts corp. Those imported German guns used to be real popular, and my experience is, even though cheaply made, they were quite accurate. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. ClydePM that was my problem too.Feb 15, 1. OK, i need some more help on this revolver, and some the info i had before was incorrect.

Maker is Rohm I believe on the bottom of the handle it is stamped, "F. Feb 16, 2. The first stamp you described is the West German definitive nitro proof mark smokeless powder. The combination of these three proof marks show that it was proofed with a smokeless powder cartridge at the Munich Proof House in The model maybe the "Buffalo Scout". But you should know that Herbert Schmidt made many. Model 21S's continued to have a standing buffalo on each side of the black plasitc grip.

Feb 16, 3.

herbert schmidt serial numbers

Great info Feb 16, 4. Thankyou so very much. Is there enough info regarding the company to be able to tell the model by the serial number? Jan 15, 5. This is nice to get some answers i have the exact same pistol but with white plastic grips but with 1 different marking and 1 missing mark. Oct 11, 6. Check with Numerich. May have schematic to help ID the model, or do a google search. A person can find out LOTS of stuff from the web. Chances are good that Numerich has the parts you need. For just about any firearm.

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